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You can upload your existing first party data, we’ll help enhance it, and you drive new customers with addressable omni-channel campaigns. Or you can start from scratch and we’ll help you create and power up your company’s own identity graph.

Powerful scale and flexibility

Up to 90%

Reach in social platforms

Up to 70%

Reach via programmatic advertising

Up to 90%

Deliverability on > 40m B2B emails

Using the latest intelligent tech drives exceptional results for our customers. These powerful tools should be easy and simple to adopt and make the lives of our customers easier.


Business locations

130 million

Business contacts

87 million

Omnichannel linkages

18 million

Location person mappings

215+ million

Verified B2B emails

256+ million


The Attentity Graph is a super graph created by marrying intent with deep data - stitching together user identifiers across component graphs like our location, device, and IP graphs to build a more complete view of your buyer’s behaviour. Customers choose to use the entire Attentity Graph or one of the component graphs depending on what works best for their needs.

With the strongest data spine in the industry and a massive range of identifiers, the Attentity Graph helps you match data across devices and locations so you can reach your audiences whether they are at work or at home

The Attentity Graph binds business and consumer data to create the most comprehensive connected network of omnichannel B2B audience targeting data in the industry.

The combined data is processed through the Attentity Graph to generate audiences tailored to your marketing or sales use case.

Powerful scale and flexibility

Expanded reach

Reach more of your audience and engage them wherever they are

Precise targeting

Achieve cost efficiencies by focused targeting and personalize buyer messaging

Expanded reach

Get a single unified comprehensive view of your prospects and customers

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Set up a demo today to look at the Attentity platform and have us answer all your questions.