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High quality, multi-sourced, business & person data. Collected from 1st party sources.Backed by a complete B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph.

Endless options for your campaigns

Data Licensing from Attentity gives you complete access to the industry’s bedrock B2B Contact and Company Database however you need it. Our unique and comprehensive data sources, advanced data science, and robust quality programs result in the most complete, accurate, and reliable B2B Audience Data available.

Our B2B Audience Data and underlying B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph, enable true Every-Channel Marketing, allowing you to reach the same person at work and at home, across every channel, on every device, via any platform you want to use.


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Why Attentity, for B2B data-driven marketing?

Data driven marketing is an approach that improves the effectiveness of B2B marketing by fuelling it with information.This data is sourced from prior campaigns, marketing technologies or third parties.

Every-channel marketing & every-where activation

The most comprehensive B2B audience data in the world is powered by the Attentity Graph and intelligence-based tech. Build targeted audiences to match your goals.

Privacy & security compliance

We abide by the self- regulating guidelines of the IAB, DMA, NAI & DAA Our internal Data Protection Officer is a licensed attorney in California and manages our data compliance division 3rd party review of architecture, processes, logic, & security, as well as data sourcing, quality, & accuracy. This 3rd party report from BPA Worldwide is available upon request.

Reach that’s unparalleled

The industry’s most accurate and complete business and person match rates The most extensive B2B onboarding and audience reach, available anywhere you advertise. Guaranteed lift over your 1st party data, current data provider, or current data platform as well as data sourcing, quality, & accuracy. This 3rd party report from BPA Worldwide is available upon request.

Flexible pricing & use

We are the original producer of our B2B data products (not an aggregator or reseller), creating our database primarily from unique 1st party sources. We have complete and unrestricted rights to product pricing, data licensing, and data implementation Our business model does not rely on revenue share with data suppliers allowing flexible licenses and partnerships or current data platform as well as data sourcing, quality, & accuracy. This 3rd party report from BPA Worldwide is available upon request.

Experience & expertise

Founded in 2012 as Bizo’s primary supplier of B2B Data. Today, ~40% of all B2B data available anywhere in AdTech & MarTech is powered by Attentity’s B2B Audience Data Information-services veterans with over 100 years of combined data business experience Attentity’s B2B Audience Data is the foundation for engaging buyers and achieving your desired sales and marketing outcomesent data platform as well as data sourcing, quality, & accuracy. This 3rd party report from BPA Worldwide is available upon request.

Every-channel targeting & every-where activation

Our B2B Audience Data and underlying B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph, enable true Every-Channel Marketing, allowing you to reach the same person at work and at home, across every channel, on every device, and via every platform you want to use.This includes, Email, Postal, Social, TV, and Digital via Cookies, Device IDs, Geofencing, and IP. We maintain direct relationships with many major DMPs/DSPs, can send audiences to all major social networks, and can satisfy any other activation via our integration with the LiveRamp® Data Marketplace.No other B2B data provider offers this breadth and depth of channel execution.

Create & target sophisticated custom audiences

Don’t limit the success of your campaign with imprecise syndicated audiences from your DSP. We are experts at extracting business intelligence and making it useful for your specific campaign needs, can quickly turn around custom audiences, and activate them anywhere you want to reach your future customers.Audiences can be created using our standard data offerings and via billions of ancillary business data points that support our core data product, like job descriptions, company websites, and corporate filings.No other company has more business data readily available.

Execute digital & programatic B2B campaigns at unparalleled scale

Reach your B2B audiences via programatic, digital, social, and d-tv, at scales no other audience data provider can offer. Using our proprietary B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph, you can take your B2B onboard rates from 10% to as high as 90%+.We match your 1st party business and person data to our system, and then analyze, expand, slice, and dice your records to create the best audiences for your campaigns.Audience are created quickly, and activated anywhere and everywhere you want to reach your customers.

Layer our data on yours to generate & target precise lookalike audiences

Uncover new and missed business opportunities by layering our complete business and person universe on top of your 1st party historical CRM, sales records, campaign results, web logs, web visitors, or other proprietary data source.This facilitates a complete understanding of customer firmographics and demographics, enabling advanced analysis of customer behavior.Finally understand, segment, and target your total addressable market by generating look-alike companies and contacts for greenfield campaigns.

Activate your 1st party data at scale using our ID graph

You are sitting on a wealth of 1st party data about your customers, partners, vendors, and industries. Linking your 1st party data to our B2B-to-Consumer ID Graph enables you to push that data anywhere you need it, be it between divisions of your company, or into platforms to enable fast and accurate programatic advertising.Our ID Graph enables many of our customers and partners to monetize valuable 1st party data that requires a Business Person backbone. Our graph guarantees you the greatest digital reach available, sometimes at high as 10x what you’ve been experiencing.

Whitelabel our B2B data and our ID graph

~40% of all B2B data available anywhere in AdTech & MarTech is powered by NetWise’s B2B Audience Data. We’re in platforms, 3rd party marketing files, sales & marketing applications, and behind the scenes of major industry ID Graphs.Why do all the work to build your own data pipeline when we’ve already done it for you? License our B2B Data or our ID Graph to supercharge your data products and applications, and spend more time growing your business.

Target and segment businesses by physical locations

Businesses’ physical locations are crucial to our customers that deal in the physical world; logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, defense, etc. Thus, we maintain comprehensive location level data for all businesses, including the location name, address, phone, and the employees that work there.Precise and comprehensive location data enables functional analysis, allowing customers to target the most relevant business locations based on critical personnel working there. When you send people to these locations, they know who to talk to before they arrive.

Append domains to your D&B, infogroup, or 1st party B2B data

Most customers lack comprehensive coverage of websites & domains, yet the domain is increasingly one of the most useful and valuable features of a business. We maintain comprehensive domain coverage for global businesses, often capturing multiple domains used by individual companies for their various products, brands, divisions, and subsidiaries.In addition to domains, Attentity is able to accurately link dozens of features to your individual input businesses using as little as a business name. Our business match rates are unparalleled.

Model decision committees for advanced campaign execution

Sophisticated sales and marketing teams know there are multiple decision makers across various departments deciding when to purchase your products. Licensing our data allows you to easily build focussed, yet dynamic sub-audiences within your overall campaign audience. Segment companies by industry, size, intent, or other relevant features, and then create custom decision committee filters based on job title, functional area, seniority, and experience.Target your calls, emails, and programatic ads more precisely and more intelligently.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common FAQs we are asked. Contact us to discuss your specific audience, segment, and campaign requirements.

How do you collect your company and contact information?

We collect data from millions of unique commercially and publicly available sources including, state and federal business filings, company websites, job descriptions, job postings, social websites, business directories, and more.

Our data collection is an important part of our business IP and strategy, and we typically do not reveal any further details. This vast quantity of data is then distilled down to high-quality business and business person records at a large scale with high levels of multi-source validation and comprehensive de-duplication. No other company is able to combine the number of high-quality input vectors and frequency of data refreshes that Attentity makes available

How accurate is your data?

This answer depends largely on your use case and the specific information or data that you need. We maintain strict quality metrics for all our data products and we can answer any specific questions, explicitly, if you contact us directly.

We know our quality meets the needs of almost 100% of customers that test it. Generically speaking, Attentity employs strict and continuous QA procedures beginning with our data collection, continuing throughout every step of data analysis and processing, and finally before export to our customers and channel partners.

This QA process is enhanced by our multi-sourced supply chain, providing many vectors for increased quality and accuracy, and is further backed by both manual oversight and unit testing throughout the production process.

How fresh and current is your data?

Fresh data flows into our business weekly and is promptly tested for quality and consistency before being staged for inclusion into our core systems. Our full production file of persons and businesses is entirely refreshed quarterly with the most current information.

Depending on the customer needs and the specific data requested, we can deliver updates as frequently as weekly, with custom segments available on demand.

What regions does your data cover?

Our primary focus is data about United States’ businesses and business-persons with a secondary focus on Global information.

We maintain data on businesses for every region on Earth, including GDPR regulated countries. We DO NOT, however, collect or analyze any data on PERSONS regulated by GDPR.

Does Attentity data comply with CCPA?

Attentity is fully compliant with all CCPA regulations.

How is security and compliance taken care of?

We work with 3rd party compliance and security teams to make sure we meet the quality and privacy needs of our customers and industry.

You can read our 3rd party audit from BPA Worldwide which reviewed our architecture, processes, logic, and security, as well as data sourcing, quality, and accuracy. This report is available upon request.

How are digital advertising segments created?

Attentity generates comprehensive and deterministic B2B segments using current job titles, company firmographics, and other self-declared business-related attributes like Technology Skills, Graduation College, and Certified Courses etc.

This is accomplished by analyzing publicly available information and data created directly by persons in our dataset. These data features are often multi-source validated across our compiled data.

Segments are deterministic, based on foundational information and never modeled unless explicitly indicated. All our underlying data is available for your projects, and your segment questions can be answered explicitly if you contact us directly.

Do you offer custom plans?

Yes, if you need an enterprise or custom plan just contact us and we can help.

Can you create custom segments for advertising?

We regularly work with customers to generate and activate custom segments. These can be created in many different ways using our standard production data or using billions of data points that are behind the scenes in our systems, and always ready for analysis.

We are experts at extracting intelligence from our data and making it useful for your specific business need. Contact us to discuss your specific custom audience, campaign, or segment.

Does Attentity data comply with GDPR?

Attentity complies with all applicable GDPR regulations. We DO NOT, however, compile, analyze, or sell information on persons from countries subject to GDPR.

We DO, however, maintain business-level information for all countries.

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