Top 10 OTT/CTV Ad Analytics Platform Providers of 2023
Vipika Kotangale
Apr 25, 2023

Discover strategic approaches to OTT and CTV ad analytics and gain operational insights. Stay updated on OTT CTV trends, overcome challenges, and empower enterprises in the landscape for maximum ROI.

By allowing publishers to monetize their content through advertising on OTT and CTV channels, ad analytics platform providers have taken the programmatic advertising industry by storm. OTT (over-the-top) and CTV (connected TV) are terms that refer to the delivery of video content over the internet without requiring a cable or satellite subscription. The software tools that help advertisers measure and optimize the performance of their campaigns across different OTT CTV devices and services are OTT CTV ad analytics platforms.

Optimizing ad revenue calls for complex data analytics of the ad metrics for monetization strategies on such platforms. These strategies are created with performance-driven campaigns to amp up conversions rather than brand lift or brand awareness campaigns in mind. Accessing an ad inventory that is bound to deliver results in real-time for in-flight changes on the OTT and CTV channels remains crucial for advertisers.

This is done in two ways. Either from a media buyer or an agency. The best part of it is that one can intervene in the ads in real-time to focus on those OTT and CTV platforms where ad is performing better and streamline ad monetization. Combating ad fraud using third-party ad analytics platforms like Attentity delivers quality data insights and allows for precise monitoring of the ad operations.

10 Proven Ways Ad Analytics Platforms Benefit Enterprises in the Market

Improved advertising ROI: Ad analytics platforms provide insights into ad performance, optimize campaigns, and improve ROI.

Data-driven decisions: These analytical insights guide data-driven decisions based on evidence, not intuition.

Audience segmentation: They allow for the grouping of the target audiences by demographics, interests, and behavior.

Optimization of ad placement: The key analytics metrics identify the best channels and platforms for ads to reach the right audience.

Budget optimization: Monitoring analytics optimizes ad spend by identifying cost-cutting and investment areas.

Improved conversion rates: Analytical insights allow for the detection of areas to improve conversion rates and make changes accordingly.

Competitor analysis: It provides insights into competitor advertising strategies, allowing for better understanding and adjustment of ad campaigns.

Real-time reporting: It enables real-time reporting on ad performance, allowing for optimization in real-time.

Customizable dashboards: Rich analytics dashboards help provide personalized and actionable views of performance metrics.

Better collaboration: These insights boost collaboration between teams to optimize ad performance and drive business growth.

Strategic Approach to OTT and CTV Ad Analytics Operations Insights

Define KPIs: Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure campaign success.

Implement tracking: Implement tracking on relevant channels and platforms.

Collect and analyze data: Consolidate data into a single dashboard for analysis.

Optimize campaigns: Use insights gained from data to adjust targeting, creative, messaging, and budget.

A/B testing: Compare versions of ad elements and use insights for optimization.

Regular reporting: Report on KPIs, insights, and recommendations.

Continuous improvement: Make use of insights to improve future campaigns.

Top OTT/CTV Ad Analytics Platform Providers

Analytics and reporting tools for OTT/CTV platforms help advertisers measure and optimize campaigns on OTT and CTV devices. Features include audience segmentation, attribution, fraud detection, inventory management, and reporting. These platforms offer precise metrics and insights to maximize campaign effectiveness, ROI, and performance in the OTT and CTV advertising landscape.

BrightLine: BrightLine is an advertising agency that specializes in interactive ads on connected TVs, gaming consoles, and other devices. It focuses on engaging experiences that drive conversions.

Conviva: Conviva is a global OTT/CTV analytics company that provides real-time insights to help brands and publishers optimize their streaming video experiences. Its analytics platform monitors streaming video performance and user engagement, providing actionable insights to improve content delivery.

Dacast: Dacast is an end-to-end video streaming platform that offers live and on-demand OTT and CTV content delivery. It provides ad-free streaming, white-label service, monetization options, and analytics.

Innovid: Innovid is an OTT/CTV ad platform that offers advanced video ad serving, interactive video, and data-driven insights. Advertisers can deliver personalized ads across multiple devices and platforms, while the analytics platform optimizes campaigns and drives results.

OpenX: OpenX is a programmatic advertising platform that connects OTT and CTV publishers with buyers and offers tools for inventory management, yield optimization, and reporting. The platform enables publishers to monetize their inventory through real-time bidding and provides real-time insights to optimize campaigns.

PubMatic: PubMatic is a sell-side platform that enables OTT and CTV publishers to access demand and provides real-time analytics, header bidding, and ad quality solutions. Publishers can monetize their inventory by connecting with various sources, while the analytics platform optimizes campaigns.

Roku: Roku is a leading OTT and CTV ad analytics platform that offers advertising and analytics solutions for brands and publishers. Advertisers can deliver personalized ads across multiple devices and platforms, while the analytics platform optimizes campaigns. provides programmatic advertising solutions for OTT/CTV, mobile, and desktop. Advertisers can deliver personalized ads across multiple devices and platforms, while the analytics platform optimizes campaigns.

Unruly: Unruly helps OTT and CTV publishers monetize their inventory with data-driven insights, creative optimization, and brand safety solutions. The platform connects publishers with demand from various sources and provides real-time insights to optimize campaigns.

Vimeo OTT: Vimeo OTT is an all-in-one video streaming platform for OTT/CTV content creation, distribution, and monetization. It offers best-in-class analytics, password-protected streams, a simple pricing structure, and 24/7 support. The platform is reliable, secure, and customizable, with a focus on ease of use and customer support.

Unlocking the Future of Ad Analytics Platforms: Emerging Trends and Challenges

CTV and OTT ads are rising fast as more people stream videos on different devices. They offer precise targeting, personalization, advanced analytics, cross-device compatibility, and brand safety. However, challenges include ad fraud, a lack of premium supply, mediators, commissions, and integration with Google. These ads are expected to grow in spending and innovation as new technology and opportunities arise.

Emerging trends in OTT and CTV ad analytics platforms are:

  1. The use of advanced data sources and techniques, such as identity graphs, cross-device attribution, and machine learning, to provide more accurate and actionable insights. One of the providers of data identity graphs is Attentity, which is creating a revolution in the CTV and OTT advertising industries.
  2. The integration of OTT CTV ad analytics platforms with other marketing platforms, such as demand-side platforms (DSPs), customer data platforms (CDPs), and data management platforms (DMPs), to enable a holistic view of the customer journey and optimize ad spend across channels.
  3. The adoption of privacy-preserving and compliant solutions, such as contextual targeting, consent management, and differential privacy, to address the challenges posed by the decline of third-party cookies and the rise of consumer privacy regulations.

Challenges faced by OTT and CTV ad analytics platforms include:

  1. The fragmentation and complexity of the OTT CTV ecosystem, which involves multiple devices, services, formats, standards, and measurement providers.
  2. The lack of transparency and consistency in OTT CTV ad inventory quality, pricing, and reporting can lead to fraud, waste, and discrepancies.
  3. The difficulty of scaling and maintaining OTT and CTV ad analytics platforms, which require high-performance infrastructure, data processing, and storage capabilities. 

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